Critical Citizens is a platform of academic researchers that aims at encouraging citizens’ critical thinking, empowerment, and participation. We focus on three main thematic areas: Critical understanding and use of new media and ICTs; Critical participation through the assistance of ICTs; and A critical transformation of science, technology, and education.

Critical Citizens is based in Vienna while its members are spread across Europe. We have an expertise in digital rights, commons' building, online freedoms, e-democracy, active citizenship, critical theory, history of science and pedagogy.

Critical Citizens is an official non-profit organisation, registered in Austria under the name "Kritische Bürger" and with the registration number (ZVR-Zahl) 926289590.



Antonis Broumas

Antonis Broumas is a technology lawyer, a social researcher and a militant in movements that promote social autonomy and the commons. He has studied law at the University of Athens and holds postgraduate degrees in philosophy of law and IT & e-commons law. His main areas of interest, research and writing are the interaction between law, technology and society. Among others, Antonis has published a contributing chapter in the 2013 Routledge Handbook of Media Law and Policy under the title "Governing Media through Technology: The Empowerment Perspective". He is currently working on his PhD at the University of Westminster, London, regarding the interaction of intellectual commons with the law.

Irene Goudarouli

Irene Goudarouli is a historian of science, and her research interests focus on the interrelations and tensions between knowledge-shaping, ideology and the construction of intellectual elites in early modern England. In 2015, Irene was awarded her doctorate degree from the History and Philosophy of Science Department, University of Athens (Greece). Her dissertation explored the seventeenth century concepts of force and power in the intellectual context of the English Civil War. The main questions of her project concerned the different ways with which language or, more precisely, concepts could interfere and play a crucial role in the establishment of propagating knowledge about a cosmos comprised of new natural and political objects. Irene is an active scholar, participating in many international conferences and a variety of other academic engagements. In the past, Irene was a visiting student at the University of Helsinki (2011) and Cambridge University (2012). She currently lives in London.

Christina Rose